St Antony's College

Kingerlee have recently been awarded a £7.4m project to construct the new Gateway Buildings for St Antonys College in Oxford. This development adjacent to the Woodstock Road is due to commence in September 2011 with completion programmed for student intake in April 2013.

The two buildings comprise 54no en suite study bedrooms along with a porters lodge and entrance facilities along with flexible office space to the upper floor.

The traditional and listed stone boundary wall to the St Antonys site will be re-configured to accommodate a new entrance forecourt.

A new energy centre for the scheme will be located in the existing and listed Hilda Besse building and will be carefully linked to the two new Gateway Buildings. This will also provide a new and upgraded system to the existing facility.

The reinforced concrete framed building will be dressed with a facade incorporating stone and bronze cladding. Renewable energy is provided by ground source heat bores carefully inserted under the existing traditional Oxford lawned quadrangle along with solar panels placed at roof level. The exposed concrete finishes will act as a heat sink which complements the renewable technologies to provide sustainable and thermally efficient buildings.

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