Archaeological Finds at Sonning Site

Whilst excavating for the foundations and drainage at the site of a new house in Sonning, Kingerlee and archaeologists unearthed a trench, believed to date back to prehistoric times. After several hours of scraping soil by hand, large animal bones, medieval pottery and a number of struck flint flakes were uncovered.



The area was previously the site of the Bishop of Salisbury's Palace which fell in to disrepair and was eventually demolished in 1574.


The flint flakes are all waste flakes produced when flint was being worked into tools such as knives and scrapers. Some of the animal bones have been identified as horse bones, other bones would appear to belong to pigs and cattle, believed to have been slaughtered for food. It was also interesting to find a deer antler and a tusk that probably came from a wild boar.  Soil samples containing seeds and pollen have been taken from the site for environmental analysis. This will help to define the age of the archaeological remains.

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