23/03/20 - Kingerlee Response to Covid-19

Kingerlee response to the Coronavirus.

As we all adapt to this new world that we occupy, we wanted to share with our valued customers and partners how we are reacting to the challenges that Coronavirus are presenting.

We are closely following all UK government and World Health Organisation guidance on a daily basis. Our Leadership Team is meeting regularly to ensure that we continue to react immediately as this dynamic situation develops.

It is our intention to continue to operate as efficiently as the situation allows - all sites and our joinery facility are currently fully operational.

We have detailed plans in place as to how each individual should now operate, be that remotely from home, on site, at our offices or at any essential meetings that are required. Collaborative digital platforms and conference calls are now being used to avoid non-essential contact, wherever reasonably possible.

All vulnerable people and those with vulnerable family members are already working from home. We have assessed each project and have detailed plans in place as self-isolation takes place, and demands that more of our people have to work from home or are likely to when schools close; appropriately qualified reserves have been identified to step-in for each self-isolation period.

We are identifying materials and products which require special attention in terms of their lead-in and the likelihood that delivery periods will extend significantly.

We have put special arrangements into place on site to reduce the risk of contact and have an increased focus on cleanliness and practical measures which will avoid spreading the virus.

As government advice develops, we will of course adapt our arrangements to suit, things will inevitably change.

We believe that by following government guidance, maintaining social distance and working together, we will come out of this challenge stronger and wiser.

We look forward to working with you all in beating this exceptional challenge.

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