07/12/17 - Can You Help Us With Our History Project?

We are celebrating a big birthday next year! 2018 marks our 150th anniversary, and we are in the process of working through our archives to put together a selection of photos and records to illustrate our history. So many individuals have been part of Kingerlee over the years and we have lots of photos of people and we don't know who they are! Over the next few weeks we'll be posting some of these photos, and appealing to anyone and everyone who has had any connection with Kingerlee over the years, to help add to our story. So, first up, a selection of four photographs, can you help us, do you know who's in these photos?

Top row: Photos taken circa 1930 on the construction site of the Nuffield Orthopedic Hospital, Oxford. Do you know who this little girl is?
Bottom left: A beautiful old stately home - any idea where it is? We have this photo in our archive but no information and we can't locate it. Any idea who the painter on the front steps might have been?!
Bottom right: Wolvercote Mill circa 1957, on the back of the photo it says 'George and Percy' - do you recognise them? Your Grandfather perhaps?

transparent gif