08/09/14 - Work Commences On Style Acre Project As Historic Kingerlee Family Link To The Building Is Discovered!

We're really excited to be starting work today on the new Support Hub in Banbury for charity Style Acre! 
On investigating the history of the building, we were delighted to discover (in the 1861 census) that the founder of our business, Thomas Henry Kingerlee (then aged 18), actually lived in the very same Butchers Row property with his parents and siblings! According to the 1871 census, Thomas Henry Kingerlee, then aged 28, was still living there with his own wife and children. It was shortly after the 1881 census that the family moved to Oxford.
Just around the corner on Parsons Street (where the family lived before moving to Butchers Row), the Kingerlee family also had an upmarket clothing store (referred to at that point in time as a “fancy goods store”). The building is now the Quicksilver Games Centre. 
The store opened in 1884 and celebrated 50 years of trading in 1934. To celebrate this occasion, customers who spent ten shillings (50p) were given free tickets to the Palace Cinema located in the Market Place. 
The Kingerlee Bros store is thought to have closed some time in the 1970’s but a commemorative plaque mentioning the store remains in the pedestrianised area of Parsons Street today.
Style Acre’s Kate Liddle says “Providing opportunities and a safe place for people with learning disabilities in Banbury is really important and it is wonderful that Kingerlee will be helping us make this happen in their old family home!
This is an amazing coincidence which makes it feel as if our partnership with Kingerlee was meant to be.”
The late Jonathan Kingerlee, Chairman of Kingerlee, and great, great grandson of Thomas Henry Kingerlee added: “To think that we are able to transform our old family home for the benefit of people with learning disabilities is a wonderful full circle for the building and makes this project very special indeed.”
The Kingerlee Bros Shop on Parsons Street - Picture courtesy of Four Shires Magazine.
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