19/05/14 - Time Team Regular Visits Winchester College Site!

Kingerlee Wessex Archaeology Winchester College Phil Harding Timeteam
Some of the site team at our Winchester College project were lucky enough to meet Phil Harding when he was working on the archaeology there last week with Wessex Archaeology. Phil Harding is a familiar face on the Channel 4 Television Series Time Team.
The exciting development at Winchester College, includes the refurbishment and extension of a listed building and construction of boimass boiler plant.
The project includes the repair and conservation of the 17th century paneling that once lined the nearby 14th century Chapel.
Once complete, the building will benefit from new auditorium seating, acoustic ceiling sails and renewable energy systems. It stands within the Warden’s Garden of the College, adjacent to the original 14th century buildings and water meadows.
The project began in July 2013 and is expected to finish in September 2014.
Phil Harding and a team of archaeologists from Wessex Archaeology have been plotting a wall that was uncovered whilst the site team were opening a heating trench. They have advised that the wall dates back to early 1200AD!
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