Current Projects

Keble College Kitchen, Oxford

Refurbishment of Keble College Kitchen, Servery and Ancillary, in Oxford.

The works consist of the refurbishment of the kitchen, servery and ancillary food storage and preparation areas over three storeys, plus the reconfiguration of a cluster of four bedrooms at second floor level.

The initial phase of works, within a challenging time frame, consists of temporary propping and demolitions and reconfiguration of the layouts to provide a new servery, lift, bedrooms and ancillary work areas to the new kitchen installed in Phase 2.

In Phase 2 a steel framed mezzanine structure will be erected in the double height basement space to form the main production kitchen at ground level. This will be fitted out with specialist catering equipment to provide a high quality facility. The front of the mezzanine will be visible through existing windows which are to receive new a cladding system with glazed and solid sections. Varying structural alterations are incorporated in to the works along with changes to room layouts and uses and extensive services installations.


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